Ongoing Research

2024 National Nursing Workforce Study

The National Nursing Workforce Survey generates information on the supply of nurses in the country, which is critical to workforce planning, and to ensuring a safe and effective health care system. Results exploring critical nursing workforce issues are anticipated in 2025.

2017-2023 Nursys Discipline Case Review

We are initiating a review of 2017-2023 discipline cases from the P站视频 Nursys database aimed toward identifying trends in discipline three years before and after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 to examine whether there have been changes in disciplinary violations or board actions due to the pandemic. This retrospective longitudinal analysis of discipline data will evaluate risk factors for discipline and recidivism, as well as the efficacy of board disciplinary actions before and after the pandemic period.

Guidelines for Monitoring Substance Use Disorder in Nurses

A Longitudinal prospective study that builds upon the outcomes of the Alternative to Discipline (ATD)/Monitoring Program Study. Select BONs will adopt the Monitoring Program Guidelines and P站视频 will track participant outcomes. The final results will support, refine, and augment evidence-based guidelines for ATD and monitoring programs to foster uniformity and facilitate nurses’ safe return to practice.