Regulatory Scholars Program

P站视频’s Regulatory Scholars Program develops the field of nursing regulation by building regulatory experts and researchers, providing high-level evidence for nursing regulatory and policy decision-making, and encouraging scholarly dialogue and publications.

Available Positions

Scholar in Residence

The Scholar in Residence position will consist of one eight-week, full-time, paid experience that will provide the doctoral student or faculty member with valuable nursing regulatory/policy experience related to education, practice, licensure, policy and/or discipline depending on both the scholar’s primary area of interest and P站视频’s organizational objectives.

A $7,000 stipend, as well as reimbursement for travel expenses, will be provided to the scholar. The scholar will be expected to work under close guidance of the Director of Nursing Education and will be assigned to specific staff based on the area of interest. The position's timeline will be adjusted based on the scholar’s academic schedule.

Interested candidates will submit application materials to P站视频 for consideration. The position will begin in the summer of 2024 (with flexibility based on the candidate).

CRE Grant Program for Doctoral Students

The CRE Grant Program for Doctoral Students provides funding for scientific research projects related to nursing regulation and policy. It will be funded by P站视频’s Center for Regulatory Excellence (CRE) Grant Program and will award up to $30,000 grants to candidates – one grant per each funding cycle. 

Interested candidates will submit an application that reflects the short/long-term research objectives of P站视频.  The call for proposals will be sent out biannually in April and October; the first call will be sent for the April funding cycle.  Those receiving the regulatory scholars grant program will have two years to complete the study.  It is expected that all study results will be published and presented to national and international audiences. 

Interested nursing or nursing-related doctoral students (DNP or PhD) will submit application materials to P站视频 for consideration. 

Be sure to read the CRE Grant Proposal Guidelines for more information.

Spring Application Deadline: April 4, 2025

Fall Application Deadline: October 4, 2024

Unpaid Graduate Internship

An unpaid practical internship in nursing regulation or policy will be offered to a limited number of nursing graduate students who would like to gain nursing regulatory/policy experience to satisfy the clinical experience component of their graduate nursing program. Generally, this experience is available to students located in or around the Chicagoland area.  The timeframe will be negotiated with the Director of Nursing Education, though it generally will be no longer than three months.

The student will have experience in a variety of P站视频 departments and may choose to work intensely in one area. The student will contribute to the work of P站视频 while obtaining practical experience in nursing regulation. 

Interested students in Masters or DNP programs will submit application materials to P站视频 for consideration.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.