Center for Regulatory Excellence

The Center for Regulatory Excellence (CRE) provides numerous funding opportunities for scientific research projects, establishes evidence-based programs that advance the science of nursing policy, and offers future nurse leaders the regulatory experience needed to prepare them for the dynamic health care field.

CRE Grant Program

The Center for Regulatory Excellence (CRE) grant program provides up to $300,000 in funding for scientific research projects that advance the science of nursing policy and regulation and build regulatory expertise worldwide. 

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Regulatory Scholars Program

CRE Grant Program For Doctoral Students

The CRE Grant Program for Doctoral Students provides funding for scientific research projects related to nursing regulation and policy. It will be funded by P站视频’s Center for Regulatory Excellence (CRE) Grant Program and will award up to $30,000 grants to candidates – one grant per each funding cycle.

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Scholar in Residence

The Scholar in Residence position will consist of one eight-week, full-time, paid internship that will provide the graduate student or faculty member with valuable nursing regulatory experience related to education, practice, licensure, policy and/or discipline depending on both the intern’s primary area of interest and P站视频’s organizational objectives.

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Unpaid Graduate Internship

An Unpaid graduate internship in nursing regulation or policy will be offered to a limited number of nursing graduate students who would like to gain nursing regulatory/policy experience to satisfy the clinical experience component of their graduate nursing program.

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